Our coffee professional educational program is the backbone of our trade show and will certainly be one of the most exciting aspects of the 2023 event. We welcome Brianna Berry from Charleston as our Coordinator of Educational Programming.

“Brianna is very talented and her experience managing educational talks for other coffee festivals is a great asset as we create the first year program at NOLA Coffee Festival.” advised Jim Currie, event co-founder. “Brianna has a number of great ideas for creating an excellent barista training experience. We want to become one of the coffee industry’s premier training locations.”

As Education Coordinator for NOLA Coffee Festival, Brianna will be working to help curate the delivery of various perspectives, content, and speakers. Brianna added, “We are searching for topics that will resonate with professionals and coffee enthusiasts alike.”

“I know first-hand that the coffee education journey can be hard. I’ve seen a number of gaps in terms of coffee education that is both high-quality and easily accessible. Most baristas can’t afford high-end tuition or a long series of courses. We seek to boil down the best training insights and information and provide it to the audience in meaningful, short presentations. We plan to cover a great dela of materials over the two-day event. “

Talk Coffee to Me founder Brianna Berry is a renowned southeastern coffee consultant, event coordinator, and trainer. While pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Marketing she stumbled upon a passion for coffee and spent the last 12 years wearing multiple hats across the food and beverage industry bartending, hiring and managing teams, instructing thousands of students around the Carolinas, and spearheading experimental beverage programs. Early on, her services and skillsets landed her a spot on Zagat’s 30 Under 30 in a first of many publications and partnerships. In addition to projects with Talk Coffee to Me, Brianna is lead for the Chs Does Coffee community organization, the host of Charleston’s first and only 5-star Airbnb coffee education experience, and Director of Education/Senior Manager for Second State Coffee.

Brianna Berry, Founder & Educator

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