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Coffee is a wonderfully complex ecosystem. On every level, when we look deeper, we find more. And more still. Coffee is both an experience for our senses and for our minds as we explore and discover. Better still, the more we know, the more we seem to enjoy.

2023 NOLA Coffee Festival is proud to present a coffee education program that seeks to cover coffee from several different vantage points. Please review the class schedule and select topics that are curious to you. Your admission to ALL classrooms is FREE with your event general admission ticket. There are no extra fees…no hidden charges. Please also make sure to try a few topics that seem a little strange or foreign to you…coffee may just surprise you in a new way. We are all here to learn.

Brianna Berry

Coffee Education Program Coordinator

Our Educational Mission

NOLA Coffee Festival believes that better education is the best path to better coffee and a better coffee experience. For too long, industry training and industry trade meetings have been difficult to attend for southern coffee professionals. We seek to make great education more accessible and less expensive to the gulf south coffee community. We seek to elevate southern coffee experts as teachers, speakers and advocates of continuous improvement. We seek to share the joy of great coffee with consumers and know that shared understanding brings a greater coffee adventure.

2024 Festival Dates

Trade and Industry Day

Friday, September 27 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Consumer Day

Saturday, September 28 9:00 AM -4:00 PM




NOLA Coffee Festival