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NOLA Coffee Festival


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Baristas Welcome

For centuries, coffee has been made by hand, by nuanced intuition, by a combination of evolving tools and evolving skills. But always … there is a person who brings the beverage to life. The NOLA Coffee Festival® seeks to celebrate those who bring life to great coffee.

Barista Contests & Competitions

Barista Art Gallery

We know your talents go beyond crafting the perfect cup of happiness. Our gallery is designed to showcase visual arts, the photography skills of our own barista community. Selected photos/artworks will be showcased during the festival. Glory and Fame will be shared from your barista peers (and us mere mortals). Click the box below for details and to apply.

Barista Latte Art Competition

Calling all coffee artists – this competition will be beyond a street threaudown. Our Latte Art Contest is designed as a classic head-to-head style tournament that will showcase the best coffee art within our coffee community. Ist Prize is a $700 value in home coffee equipment from MoccaMaster. Click the boxes below for format details and to apply. Our 2023 field will be limited to 32 competitors. A regional champion will be crowned.

Barista Skills Pentathlon Competition

We seek to crown the best overall barista in the Gulf South. This competition was designed by baristas for baristas — using real world skills sets and adding a splash of spirited fun. Our event is based upon five stages of competition. Just like a traditional pentathlon, competitors score points in each of the five phases. The barista with the highest total point score wins! Click the boxes below for format details and to apply. Our 2023 field will be limited to 20-25 competitors on Saturday, September 16. A regional champion will be crowned.

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Great Exhibits

Our trade day will allow you to meet many of the industries leaders. The best equipment manufacturers will be on hand to demo and train you on their latest equipment and techniques.

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Great Roasters

Artisan brands from across the state and across the south will sample their latest beans and blends, a feast for your taste buds.
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Great Competition

We will host a latte art competition and Barista Threauxdowns. Come join the fun.
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Great Insights

We will provide a full day of classroom options from industry experts. Expand your mind, your knowledge and your skills with us.

2024 Festival Dates

Trade and Industry Day

Friday, September 27 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Consumer Day

Saturday, September 28 9:00 AM -4:00 PM




NOLA Coffee Festival