International Coffee Corporation (ICC) Vice President Jude Toepfer has announced the popular local coffee importer will serve as a sponsor of the coffee education program during the 2023 trade show and consumer festival event. Toepfer explains the decision to help underwrite two of the professional level courses, “We recognize that education is a fundamental need for regional coffee professionals. The international markets are in constant change as weather, market demand and foreign political climates continue to change. ICC works to stay on top of these market factors to ensure our commercial coffee customers have a steady supply of the green coffee they need to remain successful.”

ICC Q-grader and Sustainability Manager Drew Cambre will serve as the designated presenter for two talks during the Day One trade courses. “We plan to provide background details on the various factors that drive cost of wholesale green coffee. Consider it the anatomy of coffee pricing.” Cambre adds. “We can’t always predict or control pricing changes in coffee as supply and demand can change rapidly in some situations. But usually, we can help clients plan ahead and make sure they have an adequate supply of coffee at fair market prices.” Event co-founder Jim Currie said ICC would be one of the highlights for attending roasters and coffee shop owners. “I think the role of importing services can often be misunderstood and underrated. There are only a few companies in Louisiana like ICC. Each of our importers plays a very important role in development and maintaining supply lines in country of origin with farming producers.” In most cases, these farmer relationships span many years and decades. Currie adds, “Farmers and processors trust ICC and their ethical communication in the marketplace builds trust. Coffee is a relationship driven business and ICC is the face of New Orleans coffee for many producers in Central and South America.”

“Our green coffee experts rigorously cup-test and grade every coffee we buy and sell, to maintain our strict standards on each type of coffee we have to offer.” Toepfer continues. “Our philosophy is that all coffee is good and every type or grade has its own inherent value. Some coffee, of course, is much better qulaity and is price-valued accordingly, but we strive to satisfy the tastes of all consumers by offering as complete a selection of the world’s coffees as possible.”

About International Coffee Corporation
International Coffee Corporation is a small, family-owned team of green coffee merchants with more than 210 years of collective experience. Since 1977, our passion for the world’s coffee has directed our efforts to provide customers with quality green coffee of virtually all types from virtually every region it is grown. We maintain stocks of green coffee of all grades. On September 30, 1977, the J. Aron Company, one of the nation’s largest coffee traders, discontinued its coffee business in New Orleans. Our company was founded the very next day, October 1, 1977, as ten former Aron employees formed the International Coffee Corporation, working in the same offices and desks vacated by J. Aron at 336 Magazine Street. Since that time our current Chairman, William G. Madary has led the business.

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