Mojo Coffee Roasters believes that working in coffee is about more than just the drinks served, it is also about the community built around cafe counters and the memories shared along the way. Nola Coffee Festival echoes that same passion for celebrating the New Orleans and Gulf South coffee culture.

“We cannot wait to share the exhibitors hall with the best of the best in Southern Coffee and celebrate what makes working in our industry so special- the people that make it possible” explains Angela Jackson, owner of Mojo Coffee House and co-owner of Mojo Coffee Roasters.

Hamilton Beach

“We are excited for the opportunity to make new connections with coffee professionals at every level of the supply chain from around the world. Knowing the path our coffees take is an essential part of our craft- from the small-holder farmers that cultivate some of the best coffees in the world to our amazing wholesale partners who strive to produce beverages that honor all of the dedication and hard work that it took to take those coffees from seed to cup. From start to finish, the people involved have a voice and deserve to be recognized for the excellence they offer to the craft of specialty coffee.”

Mojo Coffee Roasters


NOLA Coffee Festival