Congratulations to the 2023 NOLA Coffee Festival NOLA Cup Winners!

Best Brewed Coffee

Del Alto Valle Coffee Colombia

Best Chicory Coffee

Orleans Coffee - Every Morning Since 1983

Best Cold Brew Coffee

N.O. Brew Orleans Beverage & Extract Co. Big. Easy. Coffee.

Best Iced Coffee

N.O. Brew Orleans Beverage & Extract Co. Big. Easy. Coffee.
Del Alto Valle Coffee

Best Brewed Coffee

Del Alto Valle Coffee – Geisha

Type of coffee beans: Geisha

Roast Level: Medium Roast

Description of coffee

Flavor Profile: Geisha coffee is renowned for its distinct and complex flavor profile. It often exhibits floral and tea-like aromatics and other delicate floral elements. The taste can be characterized by its vibrant acidity, nuanced sweetness, and a clean, silky body. Tasting notes might include hints of tropical fruits, stone fruits, and citrus.

Aroma: The aroma of Colombian Geisha coffee is one of its most captivating features. It’s often described as fragrant, with a strong presence of floral and fruity notes that contribute to its unique sensory experience.

Acidity: Geisha coffee typically possesses a bright and lively acidity, which adds to its complexity. This acidity is well-balanced and can enhance the overall flavor experience.

Elevation: The high-altitude regions of Colombia provide optimal growing conditions for Geisha coffee. The elevation at which these coffee beans are cultivated contributes to their unique flavor development.

Limited Availability: Geisha coffee is known for its rarity and limited availability. The trees are less productive compared to other coffee varieties, and the meticulous care required during cultivation, harvesting, and processing further restricts the quantity of Geisha coffee that can be produced.

Orleans Coffee - Every Morning Since 1983

Best Chicory Coffee

Orleans Coffee

Our “flagship” coffee & chicory represents the style of roasting and blending coffees from over a century in New Orleans. With considerable research, we learned what it takes to recreate the coffee and chicory blends from 100 years ago. As best we could, we created THE BEST coffee and chicory blend you’ll ever taste. This is a true New Orleans tradition, and reveals one of the finest specialty coffee & chicory pairings. It has superb aroma and tastes like an elegant, dark and spicy chocolate bar.

Origins: Brazil : Ethiopia : Mexico : Indonesia : Guatemala

Roast: Light French Roast

We created this blend to try to emulate an “olde worlde” coffee & chicory blend. If you could go back in time and have an excellent cafe’ au lait, it would taste great with this coffee blend.

Orleans Coffee - Every Morning Since 1983

Best Cold Brew Coffee andBest Iced Coffee

N.O. Brew

Since 2004, Fred Peer, owner of N.O. Brew Coffee has been telling anybody who will listen, ‘N.O. Brew is the best tasting iced coffee available anywhere’. 19 years later, it turns out that statement is still true. At least in the Gulf Coast region. “We certainly are proud of the taste of our coffee’ said Peer. ‘We love watching people try our coffee for the first time and seeing that wry little smile appear on their face because they generally don’t believe that a coffee in a bottle can taste this good’.

Available in 3 delicious flavors, N.O. Brew has been making cold brewed iced coffee for nearly two decades. It is currently available in grocery stores throughout the Gulf Coast Region, select stores in the Midwest and nationwide via where they offer free shipping on orders over $62.

’Coffee is a daily ritual for so many people. Getting them to try a new coffee can be like like pulling teeth. We’re not trying to convince people to give up their hot coffee, we’re just saying as easy as ours is to use, you can have a glass of N.O. Brew while you wait for your K-Cup to brew. Seriously though, sweeping the cold-brew competition at the NOLA Coffee Fest is a nice feather in our cap. Hopefully, this will inspire people to give cold coffee a chance in their everyday life’.

Meet Our 2023 Judges

Jenny Marisol Vasquez Monroy

Green Coffee Lab Technician and Tech Trainer at International Coffee Cooperation in Metarie, Louisiana. Jenny is a sample roaster and cupper for all incoming green coffee for quality assurance.

Catherine Mansell

Is a Q Grader, Quality Control Manager and Coffee Buyer with Coffee Bean Corral (CBC) in Jackson, MS. In addition to continuing her coffee-buying responsibilities for CBC, she is the Director of Current Crop Roasting Shop, an education-based retail store in New Orleans geared to home roasters and coffee enthusiasts alike where she teaches classes on home roasting equipment and the basics of cupping coffee.

Mallory Aaen

Is Head Baker at Counterspace Bakery in Baton Rouge also started a small cottage bakery (Bare Bakes), specializing in vegan and gluten free cookies and pastries. She has worked in coffee for 7 years now, recently stepping away from the day to day to also start their roasterie.

Troy Kiper

Founded Bright Java Coffee in Indonesia. As a trader, exporter, and processor, his company partners with small holder coffee farmers, processors, and cooperatives to form long term relationships. Bright Java Coffee is a company improving coffee quality and the quality of life of those that produce it.  Their partnerships have already yielded fruit with exclusive sourcing relationships and new producers coming online while being a source of knowledge and training in their area.

Scotty Meades

Owner, Trainer at Adventure Coffee Co and Founder of Global Coffee Initiative at University of the Nations in Kona Hawaii under The Center for Economic Development. Their team works together to bring practical skills and education to areas where most would not be able to access. As an Authorized Specialty Coffee Association Trainer, he facilitates building new small businesses from Farming to Roasting to the Coffee Bar.

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